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Walking Tours and Workshops

Unveil the hidden beauty beyond the lens with our bespoke workshops around Tokyo guided by Taisho, a multilingual expert.(English,Mandarin, Korean and Japanese)


Discover the essence of Tokyo's rich tapestry, where tranquility meets vibrancy, light dances with shadow, and tradition merges with the future. Taisho TAKATA, a seasoned tour guide well-versed in every corner of this captivating city, invites you to embark on an immersive journey.

Choose from our curated workshop walking tours:


A: Tokyo Beginner's Course: Perfect for first-timers, delve beyond mere snapshots of iconic locations like the Imperial Palace, Ueno Park, Ameyoko Market, and Asakusa, as we unravel the depths of Japanese and Eastern philosophy together.
(Furukawa Garden/Rikugien Garden/Korakuen Garden. Shinjuku Gyoen)


B: Japanese Garden Workshop: With expert insights from Taisho, explore the profound symbolism of Japanese gardens, deciphering their cultural and philosophical significance while comparing and contrasting them with Western counterparts.
(Furukawa Garden/Rikugien Garden/Korakuen Garden. Shinjuku Gyoen)gether.


C: Samurai Culture Workshop: Walk through Tokyo while contemplating the essence of samurai ethos, from understanding their armor and code of bushido to pondering the relevance of samurai spirit in modern times.
(Edo castle/Kanda Shrine-the shrie for the first Samurai leader Masakado/Yushima Confucianism Shrine/Statue of Saigo/ Yasukuni Shrine)


D: Edo Culture Workshop in Shitamachi: Trace the footsteps of Edo's commoners, exploring the birthplaces of sumo, ukiyo-e, kabuki, haiku, and festivals that captivated the world during the Edo period.
(Ryogoku sumo arena/Hokusai woodblock prints museum/Basho haiku museum/Tomioka shrine/Tsukishima *monja* town/Tsukuda harbor village/Kabuki theater)


E: Stroll through the Streets of a Bygone Era: Experience the rare nostalgia of Tokyo's past in neighborhoods like Yanaka, Nezu, Sendagi, Shibamata, and Kagurazaka, where remnants of a century-old ambiance still linger.
(Yanaka market/temple district/Nezu Shrine/Kagurazaka geisha district/Shibamata temple town/Yamamoto garden-ranked as the third garden in Japan)



  • Pricing: Guide fee of US$300 for 9 hours or US$200 for 5 hours (or equivalent in Japanese yen) payable in cash on the day. (1-5 guests)
  • Please note, transportation, lunch, and entrance fees are additional.
  • Meeting and dispersal points will be the first and last destinations or the nearest stations.
  • Course adjustments may occur last minute due to weather or events.
  • To book, please provide your name, residence, nationality, Tokyo stay dates, chosen course, dietary restrictions, and any other requirements to guideshiken@gmail.com.
  • During the period from July 1st to September 1st, due to the risk of heatstroke, walking tours will not be conducted.


We eagerly anticipate your participation!